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       In a world where image is everything, Nike is the world most people recognize one of the signs. To understand the success of Nike and corporate culture for its logo is essential to understand, because it is the Nike brand has become so ubiquitous a commercial logo. As is all too well known, so that in advertising Nike TN Requin I saw the Nike logo, but did not see the name of the company, because they have a complete understanding of people see this symbol that know that Nike is without a single language fragment. He became an icon? Do cultural, a Nike used to increase brand value, visibility and status icons. The No brand Sporting Goods because it is less known. Nike with advertisers to view and Kennedy (wicden & Kemledy) in cooperation with the hope that this Gogo on all billboards can be seen clearly. Advertising and marketing budget of the company, estimated at about 10% of annual turnover up just to sign seared it engraved in the minds of consumers.Nike Official Website



  NIKE AIR as a member of the family, NIKE AIR designed for frequent feet by providing the strongest impact on the ground cushioning. Shoes with NIKE AIR midsole with less material and bulk cushion for the bright spot for you to create lighter texture of the strongest cushioning.